Whats New: SAOImage DS9 Version 7.5

New Features

  1. New Preference file support- allows multiple preference files base on version number

  2. Improved CIAO regions file compatibility

  3. Improved FITS Bin table support

  4. VO Simple Image Access (SIA) now supported

  5. New Contour file syntax- supports individual contour line properties

Other Enhancements

  1. New security enhancements

  2. Improved performance for 3D rendering

  3. New VLSS image server support

  4. Multiple bug fixes

Note: SAOImage DS9 version 7.6b8 is now available for download

SAOImage DS9

SAOImage DS9 development has been made possible by funding from the Chandra X-ray Science Center (CXC) and the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Center (HEASARC). Additional funding was provided by the JWST Mission office at Space Telescope Science Institute to improve capabilities for 3-D data visualization.

JS9: Image Display Right in Your Browser

SAOImage JS9 is a JavaScript version of the de facto standard DS9 image display program. It allows you to view and manipulate astronomical image data in your browser. Our preliminary beta release supports the following features:

  1. display FITS images and binary tables

  2. change the colormap and scale

  3. manipulate the contrast/bias with the mouse

  4. display pixel values and WCS position information

  5. manipulate geometric regions of interest

  6. perform data analysis

Please visit the JS9 page for more information.