Whats New: SAOImageDS9 Version 8.0

New Features

  1. New backward compatible reimplementation of the API controlling the command line, XPA, and SAMP. Implemented using formal parsers the API will provide error detection feedback: should an error be detected while processing a command, DS9 will now indicate to the user exactly where the error occurred and suggest options.

  2. WCS support has been reimplemented to fully support FITS WCS Papers I, II, and III. In addition to supporting the official WCS standards (including generic non-equatorial celestial systems), a number of non-standard WCS definitions are also supported.


JS9: Image Display Right in Your Browser

SAOImage JS9 is a JavaScript version of the de facto standard DS9 image display program. It allows you to view and manipulate astronomical image data in your browser:

  1. display FITS images and binary tables

  2. change the colormap and scale

  3. manipulate the contrast/bias with the mouse

  4. display pixel values and WCS position information

  5. manipulate geometric regions of interest

  6. perform data analysis

Please visit the JS9 page for more information.

SAOImageDS9 development has been made possible by funding from the Chandra X-ray Science Center (CXC) and the High Energy Astrophysics Science Archive Center (HEASARC) with additional funding from the JWST Mission office at Space Telescope Science Institute. If you are writing a paper and would like to cite SAOImageDS9, we recommend the following: 2003adass..295..489J