SAOImageDS9 Version 8.0 Release Notes

  1. 04.18.2018 GUI: fixed an issue with loading gzipped multiple extension fits files with the -multiframe option.
  2. 05.25.2018 MMT: updated Binospec template.
  3. 06.12.2018 CATALOG: GUI now uses a conesearch radius for query.
  4. 06.12.2018 SIA: GUI now uses a conesearch radius for query.
  5. 06.13.2018 FITSY++: be sure to output REAL header keywords with scientific notation with capital 'E', per FITS standard.
  6. 06.14.2018 CATALOG: add Edit menu to Symbol dialog.
  7. 06.14.2018 NRRD: fixed a problem exporting, an extra byte was being written.
  8. 06.15.2018 IIS: fixed a problem introduced in version 7.6 with the colormap.
  9. 06.15.2018 IIS: fixed a problem the values displayed on the colorbar.
  10. 06.22.2018 API: All new parser/lexer for each command, backward compatible API. Parser will detect syntax errors, and suggest options.
  11. 06.22.2018 CATALOG: updated catalog menu items for GAIA, UCAC, and SDSS.
  12. 06.25.2018 REGIONS: added support for compressed regions files.
  13. 07.06.2018 CUBE: fixed cube slice dialog slider.
  14. 07.10.2018 ANALYSIS: added current slice control to maker analysis plot 3d.
  15. 07.11.2018 BACKUP: fixed an issue when data range is NAN.
  16. 07.20.2018 BIN: fixed an issue introduced in version 7.6 where repeat bin calls incorrectly scaled markers and contours.
  17. 07.31.2018 REGION: fixed an problem introduced in version 7.6 with angles with a wcs which is flipped in X.
  18. 08.06.2018 GUI: fixed an problem introduced in version 7.6 with bracket filename options in standard dialog boxes.
  19. 08.22.2018 WCS: implemented all new wcs support based on AST. DS9 is fully compliant with FITS WCS Papers I, II, III.
  20. 08.22.2018 CUBE: plot3d current slice is coordinated with cube dialog box.
  21. 08.22.2018 BIN: fixed a problem in the case of a RGB image has a binned layer, changing bin parameters in other layers caused cursor movement.
  22. 08.22.2018 REGION: plot2d now extends across mosaic boundries.
  23. 08.28.2018 BACKUP: restore crosshair cursor.
  24. 08.31.2018 SMOOTH: fixed an issue with old backups.
  25. 09.03.2018 RELEASE version 8.0rc
  26. 09.04.2018 REGION: accept 'point' as a region shape, defaulting to 'boxcircle'.
  27. 09.04.2018 REGION: fixed a problem with plot3d, incorrectly calculating an index into the data cube.
  28. 09.04.2018 GUI: removed old keyboard doc button.
  29. 09.04.2018 DOC: cleaned up html documentation.
  30. 09.04.2018 RELEASE version 8.0rc2
  31. 09.19.2018 WCS: fix a memory ref with short axes symbols (aka 'b')
  32. 09.19.2018 WCS: fix a problem starting in crosshair mode set in prefs and infobox update with 2D frame.
  33. 09.19.2018 PREFS: fix a problem updating from 7.6 to 8.0.
  34. 09.21.2018 GUI: use unicode for deg symbol in infobox, previous char caused conflicts with Chinese Language.
  35. 09.21.2018 AST: updated to version 8.6.3.
  36. 09.21.2018 TKBLT: updated to version 3.2.11.
  37. 09.24.2018 BIN: use old style Einstein WCS keywords if present.
  38. 09.24.2018 PAN: tweak pan parser for backward compatibility.
  39. 09.25.2018 RELEASE version 8.0rc3
  40. 09.26.2018 BIN: fixed old style Einstein WCS keyword CRVAL2.
  41. 09.26.2018 RELEASE version 8.0rc4
  42. 09.27.2018 REGION: Plot2d,Plot3d,Histogram- use BUNIT keyword if available.
  43. 09.27.2018 WCS: Tweaked -TAB code to find WCS HDU extension easier.
  44. 09.30.2018 CONTOUR: fixed contour parser nlevels problem, again.
  45. 09.30.2018 CONTOUR: changed contour limits behavior. Now set mode to USER when limits are set and update dialog accordingly.
  46. 10.01.2018 API: Tweaked parsers to fix issue with XPA/SAMP error messages.
  47. 10.02.2018 RELEASE version 8.0rc5
  48. 10.08.2018 FITS: command -url: accept mime type 'text' as 'fits'.
  49. 10.16.2018 API: fixed an issue with CommReturn, so that it returns at the top level.
  50. 10.16.2018 SAMP: added -keepalive to http::geturl calls in cases of retreiveing large files from servers that use Transport-encoding: chunked.
  51. 10.17.2018 SAMP: reset http token in case of error.
  52. 10.17.2018 CUBE: fixed an issue with properly rounding slice number.
  53. 10.18.2018 RELEASE version 8.0rc6
  54. 11.03.2018 BACKUP: fixed an issue with soft links.
  55. 12.15.2018 RELEASE version 8.0