SAOImageDS9 Version 7 Release Notes

    1. 10.18.2010 SCALE: fixed a problem preserve Scale at load.
    2. 10.18.2010 REGION: add group new, group update, and select invert commands.
    3. 10.20.2010 TCL/TK: update to version 8.5.9.
    4. 12.01.2010 FOV: Add HEASARC/Suzaku templates for HXD, XIS, and XRS
    5. 12.03.2010 CATALOG: fixed a problem when dec is specified as -00:xx:xx for CXC, SIMBAD, SKYBOT, and SKYVIEW
    6. 12.07.2010 BINNING: update WCS keywords for FITS bintables
    7. 12.10.2010 GUI: fixed a problem with displaying greek letters under linux.
    8. 12.24.2010 MOSAIC: fixed a problem introduced with verison 6.1 with wcs mosaics when first segment is flipped.
    9. 12.24.2010 MOSAIC: removed the FLT_EPSILON fudge factors in calculating mosaic segment matrices.
    10. 01.04.2011 SOLARIS: fixed a major bug with color allocation.
    11. 02.03.2011 POSTSCRIPT: all ports now generate identical postscript output (with a minor exception with ast grid numerics).
    12. 02.03.2011 TEXT: selecting a TEXT region now handles rotated text correctly.
    13. 02.18.2011 GROUPS: fixed a problem with selecting multiple regions.
    14. 02.21.2011 PIXELTABLE: fixed two problems with xpa and copy commands.
    15. 02.28.2011 GUI: add theme options.
    16. 03.01.2011 TKTABLE: updated to version 2.10.
    17. 03.03.2011 POSTSCRIPT: add new scale factor.
    18. 03.02.2011 GUI: all dialogs now use the new ttk widgets (with a few exceptions).
    19. 03.04.2011 PREFS: add -bg and -nan xpa/command line options.
    20. 03.14.2011 MOSAIC: added patch from Frank Valdes for default DETSIZE values.
    21. 03.14.2011 CMAP: add load/save xpa/command line options.
    22. 03.14.2011 BACKUP: fixed a problem with saved cmaps. Pathname is now relative.
    23. 03.17.2011 TKIMG: updated to version 1.4.
    24. 03.17.2011 ZLIB: updated to version 1.2.5
    25. 03.18.2011 WCSSUBS: updated to version 3.8.2
    26. 04.05.2011 AST: updated to version 5.6-0
    27. 04.05.2011 WCS: fixed/improved support for TNX, ZPN, ZPX, CAR.
    28. 04.25.2011 WCS: use AST for most WCS functions.
    29. 04.25.2011 SCALE: fix Scale Dialog formating issues.
    30. 04.26.2011 HELP: All user manual images are now local.
    31. 04.26.2011 CONTOUR: fixed problem with generating contours with BITPIX=-64.
    32. 04.26.2011 SMOOTH: now generates BITPIX=-64 image.
    33. 04.27.2011 SCALE: fixed a problem with setting scale user limits and then loading an image.
    34. 04.28.2011 EXTERNAL FILE: fixed a problem with macro substitution $filename.
    35. 04.28.2011 FUNTOOLS: updated to version 1.4.5.
    36. 04.28.2011 XPA: reinstalled version 2.1.13.
    37. 05.02.2011 WCS: use AST for all FITS WCS projections and DSS. Use WCSSUBS for TNX, ZPX, SIP, SCAMP, WCSDEP.
    38. 05.06.2011 WCS: Added additional reverse transformation (thanks Ed Los) for calculation of Panner WCS compass.
    39. 05.09.2011 GRID: add support for non-standard WCSDEP keyword.
    40. 05.12.2011 IMGSVR: for all image servers (2mass,dss,first,nvss,skyview) if invoked with no argument, yet dialog has a name or coords, automatically retreive the image.
    41. 05.12.2011 FITS: External File support- fixed a problem where the channel was not closed after the open pipe cmd was invoked and ds9 would run out of resources.
    42. 05.13.2011 GUI: enhanced/implemented Match/Lock Crosshairs.
    43. 05.13.2011 GUI: enhanced/implemented Match/Lock Frames.
    44. 05.13.2011 GUI: Moved Match Scale/Bin/Colorbar to respective menus.
    45. 05.16.2011 CONTOUR: fixed a problem with NAN in data.
    46. 05.17.2011 CATALOG: NED fixed a problem with getURL and added support for in/out sys/sky formats.
    47. 05.19.2011 CATALOG: SIMBAD added support for in/out sys/sky formats.
    48. 05.19.2011 CATALOG: CDS added support for in/out sys/sky formats.
    49. 05.20.2011 COMPOSITE: speed up create/delete composite region with +1000 regions.
    50. 05.20.2011 WCS: implemented preferred WCS for each frame. All WCS functions use the preferred WCS (i.e. copy/paste/load/save regions, contours, align, match, lock, rgb, cube).
    51. 05.25.2011 WCSSUBS: updated to version 3.8.3.
    52. 05.25.2011 AST: updated to version 5.7-0.
    53. 05.26.2011 WCS: use AST for TNX,ZPX,SCAMP.
    54. 05.27.2011 REGIONS: if unable to copy/cut/paste in WCS, fall back upon PHYSICAL.
    55. 05.27.2011 REGIONS: if unable to map coordinates correctly, do not a region.
    56. 06.03.2011 WCS: added support for xLON/xLAT and xyLN xyLT WCS.
    57. 06.03.2011 REGIONS: added regions properites commands to xpa,samp, and command line.
    58. 06.10.2011 HEALPIX: added support for generating an image from a healpix table (both binary and ascii).
    59. 06.13.2011 WCS: use AST for all WCS including TAN-SIP and WCSDEP.
    60. 06.16.2011 SAMP: added code to clean up better when DS9 is unable to parse a SAMP hub file.
    61. 06.16.2011 REGIONS: be sure to return template id when created.
    62. 06.16.2011 ANALYSIS: added autoload support for analysis files. DS9 will search a list of known dirs for *.ds9, at which DS9 will load the analysis file, and add the path to env(PATH).
    63. 06.20.2011 RGB: fixed a problem where the calculated wcs rotation between two frames was reset.
    64. 06.27.2011 REGIONS: fixed a problem the ds9, ciao, and pros regions parser. The parsers will now accept arcmin and arcsec syntax which includes sciencetific notation.
    65. 07.07.2011 POSTSCRIPT: generate postscipt now uses generic font names reguardless of platform and window manager.
    66. 07.08.2011 BIN: split mousewheel preferences between zoom and binning. By default, a bin file is zoom'd in/out with the mouse wheel, unless the binning mouse wheel is enabled via the preferences.
    67. 07.08.2011 GUI: add preference for standard dialog box for order of file types.
    68. 07.21.2011 GUI: all non-modal dialogs have Edit menu.
    69. 07.21.2011 CUBE: add match/lock slice commands.
    70. 07.22.2011 AST: updated to version 5.7-2
    71. 07.22.2011 WCS: speedup generating sexagesimal output
    72. 07.25.2011 BIN: fixed a problem with the update filter function.
    73. 07.29.2011 DIALOGS: fixed a problem with the motif dialogbox and selection of the initial directory. Set the code to the same as tkfmbox.tcl.
    74. 08.22.2011 WCS: if CTYPE is not of known type, assume LINEAR.
    75. 08.26.2011 PANNER: simplified compass prefs.
    76. 09.19.2011 WCS: only use A_ and B_ keywords if CTYPE is TAN-SIP. Ignore otherwise.
    77. 09.26.2011 REGIONS: use ::math::fuzzy for comparisons in basepanda, composite, and convert.
    78. 09.27.2011 WCSSUBS: updated to version 3.8.4.
    79. 09.30.2011 REGIONS: implemented M_PI_2, M_TWOMPI constants.
    80. 09.30.2011 REGIONS: use fuzzy math for degToRad() and radToDeg()
    81. 10.04.2011 WCS: pass any PV and QV keywords if present, regardless of projection.
    82. 10.05.2011 AST: updated to version 5.7-3
    83. 10.24.2011 REGIONS: fixed a problem with angs and PANDA, EPANDA, and BPANDA and copy/paste in FK5. This is related to the fuzzy math changes made earlier.
    84. 10.25.2011 FITSY++: fixed a problem finding cols by name in bin tables. Previous 'R' would be matched by 'RA'.
    85. 10.28.2011 HV: remove NED,SIMBAD,ADS,TDC,SKYVIEW,W3BROWSE from ANALYSIS:ARCHIVES menu due to lack of support from sites.
    86. 10.28.2011 COLORMAP: add colormap server to colormap dialog
    87. 11.01.2011 PRINT COORDINATES: now uses default skyframe and skyformat (as defined by WCS menu).
    88. 11.04.2011 SCALE: add asinh() and sinh() scales.
    89. 11.10.2011 CROP: add new crop commands.
    90. 12.09.2011 AST: updated to version 6.0-1
    91. 12.09.2011 CROSSHAIR: fixed an issue with coordinates of crosshair were .5 pixel off in Y.
    92. 12.09.2011 GUI: fixed an issue with centerimage() was .5 pixel off in Y.
    93. 12.15.2011 GRID: fixed an issue with text upside down.
    94. 01.03.2012 BIN: fixed a problem with depth of a 3d bin'd table.
    95. 01.03.2012 GRID: DSS and Linear projections use AST.
    96. 01.17.2012 3D: 3D Frame is now available.
    97. 01.19.2012 ANALYSIS: added $z macro.
    98. 01.19.2012 CROP: add [xmin:xmax,ymin:ymax,zmin:zmax] syntax
    99. 01.19.2012 CROP: check for valid crop with [] syntax.
    100. 01.23.2012 3D: add current slice highlite.
    101. 01.23.2012 SAVEIMAGE: fixed a problem with frame highlite during saveimage process.
    102. 01.23.2012 ANALYSIS: expand $image macro to accept new params: rgb and 3d.
    103. 01.27.2012 ANALYSIS: expand $filename(full) to return full filename (without cropping or filters parameters).
    104. 01.27.2012 ANALYSIS: add macro $value.
    105. 01.27.2012 CROP: fixed a problem when using an image subsection spec for a datacube.
    106. 01.28.2012 REGIONS: clean up rendering code for X,ps,win32,macosx to reduce un-needed calls to set the graphics context.
    107. 01.28.2012 CROP: all data cubes can be cropped in 3D.
    108. 01.28.2012 CROP: cropping in 3D will reset currentSlice if needed.
    109. 01.28.2012 REGIONS: fixed a problem if the region color was an X11 valid color, some names would get mapped to the incorrect color when printing.
    110. 02.02.2012 COLORMAP: fixed a problem with SAO format colormaps that have very long lines.
    111. 02.03.2012 PRINT COORDINATES: added filename to options.
    112. 02.03.2012 WCS: if wcs parameters are changed or reset, all open catalogs regions are updated. Normal regions are not changed.
    113. 02.07.2012 COLORMAP: remove support for old RTD and ITT colormaps
    114. 02.08.2012 GUI: consolidate MATCH and LOCK items into submenus.
    115. 02.08.2012 GUI: move match bin, match scale, and match colorbar to frame match menu.
    116. 02.16.2012 CUBE: fixed a proble with calculating the wcs to image for axis 3.
    117. 02.16.2012 FITSY++: changes required for gcc 4.7.
    118. 02.16.2012 BLT: patched graph.tcl to use legendRelief instead of labelRelief.
    119. 02.16.2012 RGB: added lock wcs.
    120. 02.16.2012 FUNTOOLS: updated to version 1.4.5-2.
    121. 02.21.2012 3D: fixed a problem with scale clip scope. Should alway be in GLOBAL.
    122. 02.29.2012 HEADER: add save header command.
    123. 03.01.2012 XPA: updated to version 2.1.14.
    124. 03.01.2012 SCALE: MinMax mode AUTOSCAN set to SAMPLE if width*height*depth > 1e8.
    125. 03.12.2012 IMGSVR: fixed a problem with clearing params if no image was loaded previously.
    126. 03.22.2012 REGION: add ellipse3d, box3d, polygon3d, point3d regions.
    127. 03.23.2012 IMGSVR: fixed a problem new frame option and rgb.
    128. 03.23.2012 BIN: check for valid col names for -bin col command.
    129. 03.28.2012 REGIONS: add Analysis support per region.
    130. 03.28.2012 REGIONS: add Analysis Plot3d support for Circle,Ellipse,Box,Polygon,Point.
    131. 03.28.2012 REGIONS: add Analysis Plot2d support for Projection,Line,Vector.
    132. 03.28.2012 REGIONS: Circle3d now converted to Circle.
    133. 03.28.2012 REGIONS: Plot3d saves native coordinate values.
    134. 03.28.2012 SCALE: simplified scale dialog controls to allow user values.
    135. 03.29.2012 WCS: fixed a problem with numaxes > 3 images and editing WCS params.
    136. 04.09.2012 WCS: second attempt to handle non-equatorial wcs. try to build a legal header from the wcssubs struct to feed to ast.
    137. 04.10.2012 SCALE: fixed an issue with autocut, ll != hh.
    138. 04.10.2012 SKYVIEW: add WISE/COBE/WMAP to skyview survey menu.
    139. 04.10.2012 WCS: if CD matrix is all zero, use cdelt/pc matrix.
    140. 04.11.2012 SMOOTH: fixed a problem with images with BSCALE/BZERO.
    141. 04.11.2012 CATALOG: fixed a problem with d:m:s formated DEC which started with a '+'
    142. 04.12.2012 CATALOG: fixed a problem with d:m:s to degree conversion. Try to maintain higher precision.
    143. 04.12.2012 CATALOG: add IAU location code to dialog.
    144. 04.13.2012 COLORMAP: add user contributed cmaps.
    145. 04.18.2012 GUI: fixed a problem with long WCSNAME values.
    146. 04.20.2012 FITSY++: added support for GZIP compresss parameter ZQUANTIZ.
    147. 04.23.2012 PS: fixed a bug with definiton of 32 bit integers on 64 bit OS.
    148. 04.23.2012 PREFS: add Text Dialog Font preferences menu.
    149. 04.23.2012 LOCK: fixed a problem with lock frame and mouse wheel events.
    150. 04.24.2012 SKYBOT: Look for EXPTIME and add 1/2 to DATE-OBS to get middle of observation.
    151. 04.24.2012 LINUX64: add --hash-style=both to support old and new GNU API for hash libs.
    152. 04.26.2012 PHOTO: add support for other image formats.
    153. 04.26.2012 EXPORT: add support for exporting to other image formats.
    154. 04.30.2012 WCS: fixed a problem with TAN-SIP and wcs append/replace.
    155. 05.01.2012 TCL: check to see if packages msgcat and http have already been found before sourcing during startup.
    156. 05.03.2012 MPEG: fixed a problem with the bottom of an image cut off.
    157. 05.07.2012 COLORTAG: add color tags.
    158. 05.10.2012 CROP: fixed a problem with backup and lock crop.
    159. 05.10.2012 SCALE: fixed a problem lock scale and crop.
    160. 05.10.2012 BACKUP: fixed a problem with back and -slice, -mosaic load options.
    161. 05.11.2012 REGIONS: add auto plot2d and plot3d prefs.
    162. 05.14.2012 GUI: add fits save.
    163. 05.17.2012 MPEG: updated to ezMPEG v0.1
    164. 05.17.2012 AST: updated to 7.0.3
    165. 05.23.2012 WCS: is always displayed
    166. 05.23.2012 CATALOG: fixed a problem with the sign of d:m:s conversion introduced on 04.12.2012.
    167. 05.28.2012 MOVIE: minor tweaks on incr slice during movie.
    168. 05.28.2012 WIN32: fixed a problem with 3d fillImageJoin. Statck overflow.
    169. 05.29.2012 BACKUP: fixed active frames issue.
    170. 05.30.2012 GUI: add threads command.
    171. 05.30.2012 GUI: fixed a problem with PASTE for entries. Will now process unicode.
    172. 05.31.2012 GRID: fixed a problem with parsing 6.1 and 6.2 backup save sets. New grid options parser implemented.
    173. 05.31.2012 PLOT: fixed a problem in generating postscript. Now just set plot size.
    174. 05.31.2012 PLOT: fixed a postscript font issue with helvetica.
    175. 05.31.2012 PLOT: add axes format.
    176. 06.06.2012 RELEASE version 7.0
    177. 06.12.2012 BACKUP: fixed a problem with processing version 6.1 and 6.2 backup save sets.
    178. 06.15.2012 RELEASE version 7.0.1
    179. 06.13.2012 3D: add border graphics.
    180. 06.15.2012 TCLLIB: updated to version 1.14. This fixes a problem with math::fuzzy::tlt.
    181. 06.21.2012 REGION: fixed a problem with rotated images and postscript printing of circle region.
    182. 06.21.2012 IMGSRV: fixed a problem loading images from dss/2mass/etc from the command line. Use the first frame if not already loaded.
    183. 06.21.2012 SLA: removed from build tree. not needed since AST now has own version.
    184. 06.21.2012 HELP: rm link to home page. hv can't handle the new web site.
    185. 06.22.2012 SKYBOT: added -filter=0.
    186. 06.22.2012 POSTSCRIPT: fixed a problem with rotated text regions affecting other regions.
    187. 06.22.2012 REGIONS: fixed a problem selecting text regions at high zoom.
    188. 06.22.2012 WCS: add support for SAO Polynomial Plate.
    189. 06.25.2012 GUI: improved error handling. Will now properly handle a FATAL error msg from internal widgets.
    190. 06.25.2012 GUI: non FATAL msgs can be supressed via preferences.
    191. 06.25.2012 FRAME: trap SIGBUS while scanning for min/max.
    192. 06.25.2012 WCS: use new version of AST:fitschan.c which supports SAO polynomial plate solution and checks for the case of all PV keywords=0.
    193. 06.25.2012 GUI: enable hidden directory button for linux standard dialog box (windows only).
    194. 06.25.2012 GUI: move About menu item to Help menu.
    195. 06.27.2012 LOCK: fixed a problem with LOCK FRAME and the current skyframe.
    196. 06.27.2012 PANNER: fixed a problem where the wcs compass was incorrectly set.
    197. 06.29.2012 AST: updated to 7.0.5
    198. 07.02.2012 HTTP: set default timeout to 1 minute.
    199. 07.03.2012 RELEASE version 7.0.2
    200. 07.05.2012 RGB: fixed a problem with -rgbimage and extnames.
    201. 07.05.2012 GCC: fixed a problem gcc 4.5 and Pixmap typedef.
    202. 07.06.2012 SCALE: fixed a problem with scale dialog and very small numbers.
    203. 07.10.2012 BIN: fixed a problem with very large FITS Bin Tables.
    204. 07.11.2012 FITSY++: fixed a number of problems with very large (2Gb>) FITS Image and Bin Tables.
    205. 07.13.2012 WINDOWS: fixed a problem with dashs on the display. Tk does not give us much flexibilty, so pick something closer to the desired length.
    206. 07.17.2012 CATALOG: add sdss r7 and sdss r8 to default menu.
    207. 07.17.2012 GRIDS: fixed a problem where each frame grid remembers its own configuration.
    208. 07.17.2012 FITSY++: fixed a number of problems with save very large (2Gb>) FITS Image and Bin Tables.
    209. 07.23.2012 REGIONS: fixed a problem with PLOT3D and BOX, ELLIPSE, POLYGON. At certain angles, incorrect counts were calculated.
    210. 07.27.2012 REGIONS: fixed a problem with rendering ELLIPSE PANDA X11 at angle=0.
    211. 07.30.2012 PRINT: fixed a problem with printing simple text and catalog dialogs.
    212. 07.30.2012 REGIONS: add default length format to preferences.
    213. 07.30.2012 GUI: update infobox when moving between frames.
    214. 07.30.2012 BACKUP: don't save compressed image files if not requested.
    215. 08.02.2012 WCS: fixed a number of issues with the WCS parameters dialog.
    216. 08.02.2012 WCS: added support for SIP and SCAMP keywords to WCS parameters dialog.
    217. 08.06.2012 MAGNIFIER: be sure to update magnifier when changing slice.
    218. 08.09.2012 PLOT: fixed a problem reading muliple datasets from one source.
    219. 08.10.2012 AST: updated to version 7.0.6
    220. 08.13.2012 3D: add z axis scaling.
    221. 08.13.2012 FITSY++: accept double quoted (invalid) strings.
    222. 08.21.2012 REGIONS: fixed a problem with -regions centroid command.
    223. 09.05.2012 SMOOTH: add lock/match smooth.
    224. 09.14.2012 PLOT: enhanced gui.
    225. 09.14.2012 PLOT: add bar chart option.
    226. 09.14.2012 PLOT: add scatter chart option.
    227. 09.14.2012 REGIONS: add Analysis Statistics.
    228. 09.14.2012 REGIONS: add Analysis Radial Profile.
    229. 10.3.2012 CATALOG: add match option.
    230. 10.15.2012 RELEASE version 7.1
    231. 10.18.2012 GUI: update File menu.
    232. 11.02.2012 GUI: add support for NRRD file format. Includes encodings: raw and gzip.
    233. 11.05.2012 GUI: fixed a problem with cut/paste for contours and catalogs.
    234. 11.27.2012 PLOT: fixed typo in range dialog.
    235. 11.27.2012 GUI: fixed a problem with clear analysis menu item and the analysis menu.
    236. 12.06.2012 SAMP: fixed a typo which disabled SAMP_HUB functionality.
    237. 12.06.2012 DS9: fixed a problem on how to align an image with an odd size frame. In versions <7.0, the floating point number was rounded down. This has been re-implemented.
    238. 12.11.2012 GPL: upgrade license to GPL v3.
    239. 12.18.2012 COLORBAR: add support for SAO format GAMMA param.
    240. 12.18.2012 SAVEIMAGE: add support for EPS.
    241. 12.20.2012 REGIONS: fixed a problem with updating analysis plot x/y axis titles.
    242. 12.21.2012 REGIONS: fixed a problem with analysis radial profile and negative xaxis values.
    243. 12.21.2012 REGIONS: fixed a problem with writing composited regions.
    244. 12.21.2012 REGIONS: fixed a problem with list/save data radial annulus.
    245. 12.28.2012 RGB: add photo export.
    246. 01.19.2013 FITSY++: fixed a problem parsing filters
    247. 01.19.2013 FITSY++: fixed a problem with incomplete variable array TFORM descriptions, used in fits compression. If no length is specified, set default to 8.
    248. 01.29.2013 SAVE: save fits will now save an entire cube if loaded.
    249. 01.30.2013 SAVE: add support for save mecube.
    250. 01.31.2013 CONTOUR: fixed a problem with loading a set of contours with a specified color.
    251. 02.13.2013 FITSY++: support new fits compression float/double gzip method.
    252. 02.13.2013 FITSY++: ds9 now distinguishes between BLANK/NAN/INF values.
    253. 02.15.2013 REGIONS: no longer output filename in header.
    254. 02.26.2013 FITSY++: use magic bytes to check for gz compressed files before load.
    255. 02.28.2013 RGB: loading rgbimage, rgbcube, rgbarray into non-rgb frame will create new rgb frame for all command line, xpa, and samp commands.
    256. 03.01.2013 FRAME: trap SIGBUS and SIGSEGV while scanning data.
    257. 03.01.2013 FRAME: will only return error messages at levels info, warning, and error.
    258. 03.10.2013 PREFS: fixed a problem with prefs zoom align.
    259. 03.12.2013 BACKUP: check for sym links.
    260. 03.14.2013 GUI: non-modal dialogs are now created at the center of the main ds9 window.
    261. 03.25.2013 VO: default vo method is mime.
    262. 03.25.2013 VO: if xpa method fails, default to mime.
    263. 03.26.2013 XPA: add samp cmd to xpa.
    264. 03.26.2013 SAMP: add xpa cmd to samp.
    265. 04.01.2013 AST: updated to version 7.1.1
    266. 04.11.2013 CATALOG: fixed cut and paste.
    267. 04.11.2013 WCS: SAO_PLT is now handled directly by AST.
    268. 04.12.2013 PREFS: add dialog center option.
    269. 04.12.2013 PLOT: all plots (user, analysis and catalogs) are now available to the plot command.
    270. 04.15.2013 RELEASE version 7.2
    271. 04.16.2013 AST: updated to version 7.2
    272. 04.16.2013 TCLLIB: updated to version 1.15
    273. 04.26.2013 TCL: updated to version 8.6.0
    274. 04.26.2013 TK: updated to version 8.6.0
    275. 04.26.2013 ZVFS: updated to version 2
    276. 05.15.2013 CATALOGS: add AAVSO to cat list.
    277. 05.17.2013 HV: add DASCHE to Archives list.
    278. 06.03.2013 IRAF: fixed a problem with imexamine coords.
    279. 06.04.2013 IRAF: save/export will save wcs values, not just the color number.
    280. 06.05.2013 IRAF: colorbar displays wcs values.
    281. 06.05.2013 IRAF: fixed a number of issues with tvmark colors.
    282. 06.11.2013 FITSY++: implemented compressed FITS SUBTRACTIVE_DITHER_1 method.
    283. 06.14.2013 ENVI: add support for import/export envi format.
    284. 06.14.2013 AST: updated to version 7.3.1
    285. 06.18.2013 GUI: fixed a problem with blank headers being displayed.
    286. 06.18.2013 ARRAY: now accepts cropping info in filename.
    287. 06.18.2013 NRRD: now accepts cropping info in filename.
    288. 06.18.2013 ENVI: now accepts cropping info in filename.
    289. 06.21.2013 PHOTO: fixed a problem with rounding average.
    290. 06.24.2013 ZVFS: zvfs.c updated from freewrap 6.6
    291. 06.26.2013 SEGMENT: add new segment region.
    292. 07.02.2013 ENVI: fixed a problem with calculating wcs.
    293. 07.02.2013 FITSY++: changes to allow 1D image.
    294. 07.03.2013 GROUPS: fixed a problem allowing multiple selection of region groups.
    295. 08.14.2013 WCS: Linear WCS now goes straight to AST.
    296. 09.10.2013 PSEUDOCOLOR: rm support for pseudocolor visuals.
    297. 09.17.2013 REGIONS: PLOT3D dramatic improvements in speed of deep images and large regions.
    298. 09.17.2013 GUI: set last file directory based on file type last loaded.
    299. 09.18.2013 ENVI: minor change to hdr parser.
    300. 09.18.2013 ENVI: fixed a major problem with swapbytes.
    301. 09.18.2013 CATALOG: fixed a problem with selecting the correct region when arrow keys are used.
    302. 09.19.2013 FITSY++: cleaned up code for dumping array,nrrd,envi in native endian.
    303. 09.25.2013 AST: updated to version 7.3.2 to fix problem with SCAMP.
    304. 09.25.2013 FITSY++: fixed a problem parsing filters in the command line.
    305. 10.05.2013 3D: implement image cache.
    306. 10.08.2013 3D: implement az and el background render.
    307. 10.10.2013 COLORBAR: fixed a minor problem with specifing 'other color'.
    308. 10.11.2013 REGIONS: add mouse click epsilon parameter.
    309. 10.16.2013 CUBE: add lock slice wcs.
    310. 10.17.2013 REGIONS: fixed a problem with ds9 regions parser and parsing hex color specification.
    311. 10.18.2013 XPA: fixed a problem with "file" and backward compatability.
    312. 10.18.2013 ANALYSIS: add several checks to verify analysis file before try to parse.
    313. 10.22.2013 GUI: fixed a problem with preserve PAN while loading.
    314. 10.22.2013 SCALE: removed PRESERVE SCALE. This has been redundant since 7.0. Setting the scale limits does the same thing.
    315. 10.22.2013 CONTOUR: fixed a problem if no system is specified and, the default is normally WCS, unless no WCS is defined, then default to PHYSICAL.
    316. 10.28.2013 TCL/TK: update to version 8.6.1.
    317. 10.31.2013 HTML: fixed issue causeing corrupt stack with new CLANG compilers.
    318. 11.10.2013 FITS: improved error handling for malformed FITS tables.
    319. 11.15.2013 CUBE: fixed a problem with lock slice wcs.
    320. 11.18.2013 CATALOG: add SDSS9 to optical menu.
    321. 12.12.2013 WCS: add support for AST WCS def.
    322. 01.28.2014 REGIONS: add auto statistics option.
    323. 03.06.2014 AST: updated to version 7.3.4.
    324. 03.21.2014 CATALOG: add 'Copy to Regions' from XPA/SAMP/commandline.
    325. 03.26.2014 WCS: fixed a problem with wcs append/replace where the line length was 81 with newline.
    326. 04.07.2014 FITSY++: expanded valid EXTNAME keywords to include '.', '-', and '_' chars.
    327. 04.07.2014 FITSY++: save fits will convert BITPIX=-16 to BITPIX=32
    328. 06.09.2014 CATALOG: if sort col is of type real, but contains blank values, substitue a value of 0.
    329. 07.01.2014 BLT: completed upgrade to TkBLT 3.0.
    330. 07.28.2014 CATALOG: add UCAC4 to optical menu.
    331. 08.01.2014 MACOSX: completed new 64bit Aqua port.
    332. 08.06.2014 3D: don't wipeout the cache when generating a movie.
    333. 09.15.2014 ENVI: try to determine data file name from header file name.
    334. 09.30.2014 GUI: default mouse mode is NONE (not POINTER).
    335. 09.30.2014 GUI: change mode POINTER to REGION.
    336. 10.01.2014 RELEASE version 7.3
    337. 10.03.2014 GUI: Fixed problems with Control-S and Control-Z accelerators.
    338. 10.03.2014 MACOSX: Removed accelerators for Print, PageSetup, and Find, as then invoke a known bug with Tk and dialogs.
    339. 10.03.2014 MACOSX: Fixed a problem with coordinate display dialog.
    340. 10.03.2014 MACOSX: Fixed a problem with deleting colorbar tags.
    341. 10.03.2014 PREFS: Beta versions are now deemed to be of the same verison as the final release.
    342. 10.03.2014 PREFS: Fixed a problem processing a newer prefs file. Now wait to notify the user after the init phase has been completed.
    343. 10.03.2014 PREFS: some combinations of old prefs files were not being updated correctly.
    344. 10.06.2014 FIRST: rename FIRST to VLA
    345. 10.06.2014 VLA: add STRIPE82 survey.
    346. 10.06.2014 HV: fixed a problem with scrolling.
    347. 10.07.2014 RELEASE version 7.3.1
    348. 10.08.2014 REGIONS: fixed a problem with parsing old regions file fonts.
    349. 10.08.2014 RELEASE version 7.3.2
    350. 10.10.2014 IEXAM: imexam has been renamed iexam.
    351. 10.15.2014 WCS: fixed a problem with imflip=1.
    352. 10.15.2014 AST: updated to version 8.0.0.
    353. 10.20.2014 AST: updated to version 8.0.2.
    354. 10.20.2014 HPX: updated compatiable wcslib-4.24.
    355. 10.21.2014 CATALOG: add width property for symbols.
    356. 10.22.2014 MACOSX: fixed a problem with mouse wheel zoom.
    357. 10.22.2014 FITSY++: add support for SUBTRACTIVE_DITHER_2 keyword.
    358. 10.22.2014 FITSY++: fixed a problem with native endian arrays. Unless specified, the array is assumed to be of the same endian-ness as the processor.
    359. 11.14.2014 CUBE: fixed a problem with lock slice with no fits loaded.
    360. 11.17.2014 TCL/TK: update to version 8.6.3.
    361. 11.18.2014 MACOSX: preferences, fixed jumpy window size problem.
    362. 11.19.2014 GUI: view horizontal/vertical now sets display size to default settings.
    363. 12.03.2014 IIS: fixed a problem with open_unix().
    364. 12.29.2014 BLOCK: add support for blocking.
    365. 02.04.2015 HPX: fixed a problem with cropping HPX images.
    366. 02.05.2015 FITS++: Fits Compression- fixed a problem with uncompressed blocks.
    367. 02.05.2015 FITS++: added support for 'Q' column arrays.
    368. 02.17.2015 HV: Fixed a problem when url scheme is FTP and authority included username and passwd.
    369. 02.18.2015 WCS: Fixed a problem when CDELTs and PCs keywords are used, but not in the orthodox way.
    370. 03.11.2015 NRRD: Fixed a problem exporting built data cube.
    371. 03.11.2015 ENVI: Fixed a problem exporting built data cube.
    372. 03.24.2015 MOSAIC: mecube will now skip over tables and find all images.
    373. 04.08.2015 FITS++: fixed a problem with compressed fits files and static memory size. now using alloc.
    374. 04.13.2015 CATALOGS: fixed a problem with deleting the frame first, before closing a catalog dialog.
    375. 04.15.2015 CUBE: added support for reorder data cube axes.
    376. 04.16.2015 SMOOTH: blank/NaN values are no longer replaced by 0, instead, NaN is used.
    377. 04.17.2015 SMOOTH: is now threaded.
    378. 04.21.2015 GUI: add UNITS keyword to infobox.
    379. 04.23.2015 CUBE: reorder is now threaded.
    380. 04.24.2015 IEXAM: add macro expansion string.
    381. 04.27.2015 CHECKDNS: fixed a problem so that delay will activate on time (and will return promptly).
    382. 04.29.2015 TCL/TK: update to version 8.6.4.
    383. 04.30.2015 LAYOUT: add tile grid direction.
    384. 04.30.2015 GUI: add user selected keyword to infobox.
    385. 05.21.2015 SCALE: add lock/match scalelimits.
    386. 05.29.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b1
    387. 06.09.2015 CATALOG: fixed a problem finding correct cols to parse. Original bug introduced after 7.3.2.
    388. 06.09.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b2
    389. 06.15.2015 SCALE: scaling for data cubes now use clip scope (LOCAL/GLOBAL).
    390. 06.18.2015 SCALE: Default scope is now GLOBAL.
    391. 06.18.2015 SCALE: MinMax mode AUTOSCAN has been deprecated.
    392. 06.22.2015 GUI: fixed a font problem displaying greek symbols.
    393. 06.22.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b3
    394. 06.29.2015 SKYVIEW: add survey and size options.
    395. 07.04.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b4
    396. 07.07.2015 VO: add additional code to use default url list if unable to download list.txt for any reason.
    397. 07.14.2015 FITSY++: fixed a problem with RICE compression and 4 byte INT to FLOAT conversions.
    398. 07.15.2015 FITSY++: fixed a problem with GZIP lossless compression.
    399. 07.15.2015 FITSY++: Add support for GZIP_2 FITS compression.
    400. 07.20.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b5
    401. 07.23.2015 FITSY++: fixed a problem with SAVE FITS and writing NAXIS3=1 into the header.
    402. 07.23.2015 FITSY++: added check for fits table in SAVE FITS TABLE.
    403. 07.24.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b6
    404. 08.13.2015 REGIONS: fixed a problem with FITS CIAO PIE region.
    405. 08.13.2015 REGIONS: fixed a problem with FITS CIAO ANNULUS region.
    406. 08.13.2015 REGIONS: added support for FITS CIAO SECTOR and ELLIPTANNULS regions.
    407. 08.16.2015 WCS: fixed a problem with reorder 3D cubes.
    408. 08.25.2015 COLORBAR: added MathLab colormaps.
    409. 08.25.2015 COLORBAR: added MatPlotLib colormaps.
    410. 08.26.2015 COLORBAR: added H5utils colormaps.
    411. 08.26.2015 COLORBAR: added GIST colormaps.
    412. 08.26.2015 COLORBAR: added Topographic colormaps.
    413. 08.28.2015 MOSAIC: fixed a problem introduced in 7.4b1 which failed to ignore generic tables in extensions when loading multiple extension fits.
    414. 09.03.2015 PAN: fixed a problem with pan then zoom mode.
    415. 09.17.2015 IIS: fixed a problem with imexam introduced in an earlier beta version.
    416. 09.17.2015 IIS: fixed a problem with imexam when a former imexam frame has been delete.
    417. 09.17.2015 MOSAIC: add IRAF DETSEC Align option.
    418. 09.18.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b7
    419. 09.21.2015 WCS: Look for old RADECSYS keyword if present.
    420. 09.22.2015 CROSSHAIR: add crosshair parameters dialog.
    421. 09.30.2015 TEMPLATES: fixed a problem with WCS introduced in an earlier beta version.
    422. 10.02.2015 SMOOTH: smooth on load now threaded.
    423. 10.02.2015 REGIONS: PLOT3D is disabled by default.
    424. 10.13.2015 SAMP: fixed a issue with case of meta-data in xmlrpc.
    425. 10.14.2015 GUI : fixed an issue where not all header options were offered in the case of compressed fits images.
    426. 10.14.2015 BACKUP : fixed a problem when creating a backup with a file that has been compressed.
    427. 10.15.2015 SAMP: fixed a issue with results with empty elements.
    428. 10.16.2015 LINUX: For all key press events, calculate the current cursor position, as Ubuntu and MacOSX Aqua returns bad x,y values.
    429. 10.21.2015 CATALOG: fixed a problem where a catalog had a column of the same name as a variable.
    430. 10.26.2015 GUI: fixed a problem remembering the previous filename loaded for standard dialogs.
    431. 10.30.2015 SAMP: fixed a issue with incorrect body length in xmlrpc messages.
    432. 11.03.2015 3D: fixed a major issue introduced in the beta 7.4 series which caused a redraw everytime the current slice was changed.
    433. 11.03.2015 SCALE: Default scope is back to LOCAL.
    434. 11.04.2015 CONTOUR: Fixed lots of issues with interaction with contours and bin/block/smooth.
    435. 11.04.2015 SCALE: remove old AUTOSCAN and SAMPLE code.
    436. 11.09.2015 FITS: fixed issues with data all NAN or INF.
    437. 11.09.2015 CUBE: fixed issues with selecting current slice and updating other dialog boxes while in local mode.
    438. 11.11.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b8
    439. 11.11.2015 FITS: fixed another issue when calculating MIN and MAX and one pixel images.
    440. 11.17.2015 WCS: fixed problem with infobox/grid with xLN/xLT WCS.
    441. 11.18.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b9
    442. 11.30.2015 CATALOG: update CDS catalog search parameters.
    443. 12.02.2015 BACKUP: fixed a problem with backup save sets generated with beta versions.
    444. 12.03.2015 PREFS: fixed a problem with prefs generated with beta versions.
    445. 12.07.2015 WCS: fixed a problem with replacement WCS.
    446. 12.08.2015 WCS: cubes now share WCS structures (very fast).
    447. 12.08.2015 ANALYSIS: fixed a problem with $z macro.
    448. 12.10.2015 RELEASE version 7.4b10
    449. 12.11.2015 SAVEIMAGE: fixed a problem with the colorbar not updating when used with -exit.
    450. 12.17.2015 FITS: 3D displayed z coord off by .5.
    451. 12.21.2015 RELEASE version 7.4
    452. 01.05.2016 XPA: update to version 2.1.17.
    453. 01.05.2016 FUNTOOLS: update to version 2.1.6.
    454. 01.21.2016 WCS: fixed a problem with PC3_3 being ignored.
    455. 01.21.2016 WCS: add 3d axis params to WCS dialog.
    456. 01.25.2016 MACOSX: fixed a problem init Tkblt.
    457. 02.10.2016 MACOSX: fixed again the problem with font sizes and screen dpi.
    458. 02.11.2016 WCS: fixed a problem with WCS replace and files without linefeed termination.
    459. 03.07.2016 XPA: "tcl","source","print" commands only enabled for local.
    460. 03.07.2016 XPA: new xpa command.
    461. 03.07.2016 GUI: "tcl" command enabled from commandline.
    462. 03.07.2016 PREFS: for security reasons, will only look for the prefs file in the $HOME directory, and must be group/world readonly.
    463. 03.07.2016 INIT FILE: will only look for any init file(s) in the $HOME, /usr/local/lib, /opt/local/lib directories.
    464. 03.07.2016 INIT FILE: only read-only files will be sourced.
    465. 03.08.2016 SAMP: new samp command.
    466. 03.08.2016 SAMP: new ds9.restricted-get command.
    467. 03.08.2016 SAMP: new ds9.restricted-set command.
    468. 03.08.2016 HV: xpa-set is now in safe mode.
    469. 03.18.2016 GUI: Hard code font size. Give up on trying to correct for screen resolution.
    470. 03.18.2016 REGION: fixed title issue with radial plot.
    471. 03.18.2016 REGION: fixed title issue with 2d plot.
    472. 03.28.2016 FITSY++: cube update clip is now threaded.
    473. 03.30.2016 GUI: cleaned up initialization and event loop code.
    474. 03.30.2016 WCSSUBS: updated to version 3.9.0.
    475. 04.01.2016 GUI: default number of threads is now detected based on OS.
    476. 04.01.2016 WCS: fixed a problem with region templates, lengths were incorrect.
    477. 04.05.2016 GUI: added coordinates of min/max to infobox.
    478. 04.05.2016 GUI: limit dialog status lines to 80 chars, so the window will not expand off the screen.
    479. 04.06.2016 WCS: use getWCSOrientation() instead of wcs->imflip for calcAlign and mapAngleTo/FromRef.
    480. 04.14.2016 SCALE: fixed minmax mode SAMPLE.
    481. 04.14.2016 CUBE: update histogram and histequ when changing current slice.
    482. 04.20.2016 MINMAX: reimplemented "-minmax sample" commandline option for loading very large images..
    483. 04.21.2016 3D: fixed a problem with rendering the bbox when endpoints are way off screen. Now clip against frame.
    484. 04.22.2016 3D: rendering speed improvements.
    485. 04.26.2016 3D: panner images are now cached.
    486. 04.27.2016 GUI: fixed a minor problem with header choice box and no filename given for xpaset stdin commands.
    487. 04.27.2016 3D: dramatic improvements in render speed for certain data sets.
    488. 04.27.2016 3D: fixed a problem with backup and 3D pan.
    489. 05.04.2016 BIN: added keywords EQUINOX, MJD-OBS, and RADESYS if present.
    490. 05.06.2016 RELEASE version 7.5b1
    491. 05.11.2016 SCALE: fixed a problem where histequ colorbar numerics displayed were incorrect.
    492. 05.18.2016 GUI: fixed a very minor problem where catalog tools is invoked back to back via command line.
    493. 05.19.2016 REGIONS: many important changes to Ciao Region parser to support current syntax. In particular, changes to BOX, ROTBOX, RECTANGLE. SECTOR, FIELD, and REGION are now no-ops.
    494. 05.23.2016 TKCON: updated to version 2.7 proper.
    495. 05.24.2016 PREFS: check file permissions and set accordingly.
    496. 05.24.2016 PREFS: new prefs file directory implemented.
    497. 05.07.2016 STARTUP: for security reasons, will only look for the startup file in the $HOME directory, and must be group/world readonly.
    498. 05.31.2016 TKBLT: updated to version 3.1.
    499. 06.01.2016 TKBLT: updated to version 3.1.1.
    500. 06.20.2016 TKBLT: updated to version 3.1.2.
    501. 06.20.2016 FITSY++: fixed a problem where BZERO/BSCALE was not applied to MIN/MAX for BITPIX=-32,-64.
    502. 06.27.2016 REGIONS: default regions coordinate system is set to PHYSICAL if no WCS present.
    503. 06.28.2016 3D: fixed yet another problem with rendering speed.
    504. 07.01.2016 FITSY++: look for MJD_OBS if MJD-OBS is not present.
    505. 07.05.2016 IMGSRV: simplify code.
    506. 07.11.2016 IMGSRV: add support for VLSS.
    507. 07.12.2016 SIA: simple image access protocal implemented.
    508. 07.13.2016 RELEASE version 7.5b2
    509. 07.13.2016 SKYVIEW: updated survey options.
    510. 07.14.2016 IIS: fixed segv issue.
    511. 07.15.2016 RELEASE version 7.5b3
    512. 07.15.2016 TKBLT: upgrade to version 3.2.2.
    513. 07.15.2016 GUI: fixed an issue with sourcing init files and 'global ds9'.
    514. 07.15.2016 RELEASE version 7.5b4
    515. 07.21.2016 PRINT: scaling now implement without mods to Tk source code.
    516. 07.21.2016 PRINT: give up on postscript scaling to screen resolution. Print resolution of 72 equals screen resolution.
    517. 07.25.2016 TKHTML: updated to version 1.0.3, fixed an issues with corrupted screens under MacOSX.
    518. 07.26.2016 TCL/TK: update to version 8.6.5.
    519. 07.26.2016 BACKUP: fixed an issue with missing RGB channels.
    520. 07.27.2016 TCLLIB: update to version 1.15.
    521. 07.29.2016 PREFS: fixed a problem with name server.
    522. 08.12.2016 REGIONS: Sky Coordinates are now formated for precision of 1/1000 of arcsec.
    523. 08.16.2016 PLOT: fixed an issue with incorrect color for bar chart.
    524. 08.18.2016 BIN: pass all keywords except manitory and reserved.
    525. 09.02.2016 CONTOUR: new contour file format. DS9 can read/write the new contour file format while continue support for read the old contour file format.
    526. 09.06.2016 CONTOUR: can read contour levels from new format while continue support for read and write old contour levels format.
    527. 09.09.2016 REGION: fixed a problem where RULER was not using the default length format.
    528. 09.14.2016 POSTSCRIPT: fixed a problem with PS level 3 images.
    529. 09.16.2016 RELEASE version 7.5rc
    530. 09.16.2016 MACOSX: add NSHighResolutionCapable attribute to info.plist to support Retina displays.
    531. 10.05.2016 REGION: fixed a problem when contour "Convert to Polygons" created polygon regions. Saving or listing the regions caused a Segv.
    532. 10.05.2016 REGION: fixed a problem saving or listing regions in WCS when no WCS is defined for the FITS image. The regions file was corrupted.
    533. 10.05.2016 REGION: fixed a problem with Composite Regions not properly updating when created. The region was not displayed properly.
    534. 11.10.2016 MAGNIFIER: added check to prevent a SEGV in rare cases.
    535. 11.15.2016 GUI: added check for bad "tk scaling" command results, which can occur with high resolution monitors.
    536. 12.15.2016 RELEASE version 7.5