Zoom Menu

Use the Zoom Menu to specify the current zoom factor, orientation, and angle of the image in the current frame.

Center Frame

Will pan to the center of the current frame.

For FITS Bin Tables-- The center is defined by the TLMAX, TLMIN, TALEN, or AXLEN FITS keywords if present. If not available, by the min and max of the data type.

For FITS Mosaics-- The center is defined bye the DETSIZE FITS keyword.

Align to WCS

If a valid WCS is present, rotate and orient the image so that the WCS is correctly displayed.

Zoom In/Out

Zoom in/out the image by a factor of 2.

Zoom to Fit Frame

Zoom to Fit Frame will calculate the correct zoom factor to allow the entire data space to be displayed in the current frame.

Zoom Factor

Set current zoom factor.


Set current orientation.


Set current rotation.

Pan Zoom Rotate Parameters

Invoke a dialog box to specify a view center, zoom factor, and rotation angle for the current frame.