Analysis Menu

The Analysis Menu contains items used in the analysis of image data. In addition to the menu items listed below, other items may be added by the user via TCL scripts.

Pixel Table

Display table of pixel values

Mask Parameters

Display the Mask dialog box. Load Masks, and specify mask transparency.


Toggle the display of contours using the current contour parameters. Create, copy, paste,  and configure contours from image data. For more information, see Contours.

Coordinate Grid

Toggle the display of a coordinate grid using the current grid parameters. Display a non-modal dialog box to allow modification of coordinate grid parameters. For more information, see Coordinate Grids.


Toggle smoothing using current smooth parameters. Support for smoothing images, binary tables, data cubes, and mosaics.

Name Resolution

Enables name resolution using NED or SIMBAD. Internet access must be available for this feature to work.

Image Servers

Enables access to image servers. Internet access must be available for this feature to work.


Brings up the internal DS9 Web Display tool and load the specified URL. Based on the site selected, certain web form fields will be initialized based on the image displayed in the current frame.


Support for loading, displaying, filtering, and saving catalogs. Most major catalogs can be retrieved from online servers.

Virtual Observatory

Enables access to supported virtual observatories from DS9. Internet access must be available for this feature to work. For more information, see Virtual Observatory Reference

Plot Tool

Bring up a blank Plot tool window. Allows the user to load/save/plot 2D and 3D data quickly.

Web Display

Bring up the internal DS9 Web Display tool.

Catalog Tool

Bring up catalog tool.

Analysis Command Log

Display the complete command line before execution of an analysis command

Load Analysis Commands

Load a new set of Analysis commands and add to the existing analysis menus.

Clear Analysis Commands

Clear all analysis commands and menus.